Places to visit in Egypt
Giza Pyramids
Luxor temple
Valley of the Kings
Nile River Cruise
Abu Simbel
Karnak Temple
Egyptian Museum
Aswan High Dam
Red Sea coast

introduction: Places to visit in Egypt

Places to visit in Egypt, a realm steeped in history, culture, and natural marvels, invite you on an unparalleled voyage. From its staggering ancient landmarks to the verdant oases and the mesmerizing Red Sea shore, this land promises an indelible adventure.

Places to visit in Egypt The chronicles etched in its sands are as diverse as they are captivating. Majestic pyramids stand as a testament to ancient ingenuity, while Luxor’s temples whisper secrets of a bygone era. A cruise along the life-giving Nile unveils a panorama of ever-changing landscapes, offering a glimpse into Egypt’s very essence.

Places to visit in Egypt Giza Pyramids Luxor temple Valley of the Kings Nile River Cruise Abu Simbel sphinx Karnak Temple Egyptian Museum Aswan High Dam Red Sea coast

Places to visit in EgyptAbu Simbel, with its grandeur hewn into Nubian cliffs, leaves visitors spellbound. The enigmatic Sphinx and the colossal Karnak Temple in Luxor echo the footsteps of history. The Egyptian Museum houses a treasure trove of artifacts, each narrating a chapter of this ancient civilization’s illustrious saga.

The modern marvel of the Aswan High Dam contrasts with the timeless allure of the Red Sea coast. Here, azure waters caress golden shores, creating a sanctuary for weary souls.

Embark on this odyssey, let Egypt’s magic envelop you, and carry back with you memories of a land that breathes history, culture, and natural splendor.

1. Cairo and the Pyramids tour

Places to visit in Egypt No trip to Egypt is complete without seeing the iconic Pyramids and Sphinx of Giza. This classic 3-day tour begins in the bustling capital Cairo, visiting top landmarks like the Egyptian Museum, the Mosques of Sultan Hassan, and Albright’i. The tour then proceeds to Giza to witness firsthand the only remaining ancient wonders of the world: the Great Pyramids and Sphinx. Built over 4,500 years ago, they continue to astound visitors with their sheer scale and craftsmanship. On this tour, you’ll learn about their construction from expert local guides and get up-close views you won’t find anywhere else.

Places to visit in Egypt Giza Pyramids Luxor temple Valley of the Kings Nile River Cruise Abu Simbel sphinx Karnak Temple Egyptian Museum Aswan High Dam Red Sea coast

Places to visit in Egypt Along with photo stops at the pyramids, the tour includes a visit inside the Pyramid of Khufu, the largest of the three. You’ll navigate the narrow passages and chambers in this towering ancient structure. Places to visit in Egypt Other highlights include the MENA House Oberoi Hotel, located right by the pyramids, for magnificent views of the monuments. In the evening, enjoy a sound and light show retelling the history of the pharaohs. Overall, this tour offers an introduction to Egypt’s monumental past while based in its thriving capital.

2. Nile Cruise from Aswan to Luxor

Places to visit in Egypt Luxuriate in leisurely river travel on this 4-day cruise between the towns of Aswan and Luxor in southern Egypt. Sail downstream on comfortable cruise boats with floor-to-ceiling windows, taking in panoramic views of timeless river scenery and villages. Ports of call feature some of Ancient Egypt’s most magnificent temples.

Places to visit in Egypt Giza Pyramids Luxor temple Valley of the Kings Nile River Cruise Abu Simbel sphinx Karnak Temple Egyptian Museum Aswan High Dam Red Sea coast

In Aswan, tour the towering granite quarries and Unfinished Obelisk. Then board your cruise boat for the 2-night/3-day cruise south. Stop to explore the ruins of Kom Ombo with its unusual dual temple. Continue to Edfu, home to an exceedingly well-preserved Ptolemaic temple. End in Luxor is considered by many to be the world’s greatest open-air museum. Here visit the colossal Karnak Temple, the largest religious site ever built, and the sacred west bank including the awe-inspiring Valley of the King’s tombs and the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut at Deir el Bahari.

Places to visit in Egypt Giza Pyramids Luxor temple Valley of the Kings Nile River Cruise Abu Simbel sphinx Karnak Temple Egyptian Museum Aswan High Dam Red Sea coast

This tour offers a relaxing yet culturally immersive way to experience some of Egypt’s top ancient places. Admire the landscapes while learning about millennia of civilization from insightful guides. At night, enjoy live entertainment onboard as you watch the river drift by.

3. Egypt Essence: Cairo – Nile Cruise – Alexandria

Embark on an extraordinary journey to discover the true essence of Egypt through this comprehensive week-long tour. Begin with a captivating three-day exploration of Cairo, where the enigmatic pyramids and majestic Great Sphinx unveil ancient mysteries.

Next,Places to visit in Egypt indulge in a four-night luxury Nile Cruise, a voyage of opulence and cultural immersion that unfurls between the historic cities of Aswan and Luxor. Here, amidst the tranquil waters, you’ll be enthralled by the timeless allure of ancient temples and the serene beauty of the river’s landscapes.

The grand finale of this adventure takes you to Alexandria, Egypt’s coastal jewel on the Mediterranean. Immerse yourself in its unique blend of Roman ruins and Mediterranean charm. Stroll through history along ancient streets and absorb the vibrant atmosphere of this captivating city.

Places to visit in Egypt This journey weaves together the marvels of Cairo, the serenity of the Nile, and the coastal splendor of Alexandria, offering a holistic experience of Egypt’s cultural, historical, and natural treasures. It’s an odyssey that promises to leave you with cherished memories and a profound understanding of the profound beauty that this extraordinary country holds.

Places to visit in Egypt Giza Pyramids Luxor temple Valley of the Kings Nile River Cruise Abu Simbel sphinx Karnak Temple Egyptian Museum Aswan High Dam Red Sea coast

This comprehensive tour offers an ideal overview of Egypt’s leading cities and iconic attractions. It incorporates the classic Cairo and Pyramids day trip along with the relaxing cruise component. Places to visit in EgyptAlexandria provides a change of pace to round out the experience. Professional guides accompany you throughout, and accommodation is in comfortable 4-star hotels and luxury cruise ships.

Places to visit in Egypt Highlights include the Pyramids of Giza including entry inside the Pyramid of Khufu, the Great Temple Complex of Karnak and Valley of the Kings tombs, Philae Temple and Kom Ombo Temple cruise stops. This tour showcases Egypt’s diversity from its ancient past to the seaside present in comfort and style.

4. Red Sea Diving Safari

Places to visit in Egypt Embark on an unparalleled adventure with the Red Sea Diving Safari, tailored for enthusiasts of aquatic wonders and thrill-seekers alike. Set sail for four enchanting nights aboard a glass-bottom boat, navigating the pristine waters of Egypt’s Red Sea coast.

Places to visit in EgyptDive into a world of unparalleled beauty as you scuba dive or snorkel at over 30 meticulously selected sites, each adorned with kaleidoscopic coral reefs and a mesmerizing array of marine life. Here, in this aquatic haven, over 900 species of fish thrive, creating a vibrant and dynamic underwater ecosystem.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant hues and intricate tapestry of life that call this watery realm home. With every dive, you’ll witness the ballet of nature unfold before your eyes, forging memories that will forever be etched in your heart. This expedition promises not just a getaway, but a transformative experience, where the boundless wonders of the Red Sea are yours to explore and cherish.

Led by expert dive instructors, tour gentle reef dives suitable for all levels or embark on exhilarating wreck and wall dives. Mornings feature two guided dive trips, with afternoons free for optional activities. Float atop the sea, kayak alongside turtles, walk within an aquarium-like reef or relax on pristine shoreline.

Egypt’s Red Sea coastal landscape boasts turquoise waters, rugged mountains and Bedouin culture. Gain insights into this special marine ecosystem and local resorts where you can extend your stay. Nights are spent anchored in scenic bays enjoying Egyptian BBQs under the stars and exchanging diving tales.s

5. Oasis Explorer: Siwa, Bahariya & Farafra

Places to visit in Egypt Embark on an extraordinary journey as an Oasis Explorer, venturing beyond the well-trodden trails into Egypt’s enchanting Western desert. Places to visit in EgyptThis unique adventure beckons you to discover three secluded oasis regions, where ancient cultures once flourished amidst the embrace of undulating dunes.

Places to visit in Egypt Travel back in time as you traverse through villages, where echoes of centuries past resonate in the air. These remote settlements have stood as resilient bastions of human habitation, nestled amidst the arid expanse, for millennia. Explore the hidden treasures of lakes and springs that have sustained life in this desert sanctuary for generations.

Places to visit in Egypt Unearth the secrets of these oasis realms, where time seems to move at its own unhurried pace. As you immerse yourself in the whispers of ancient winds and the golden hues of the desert sunset, you’ll be transported to a realm where the boundaries between history and the present blur into one captivating tapestry.

This expedition promises not just a physical journey, but a soul-stirring odyssey into the heart of Egypt’s Western desert, where the sands of time hold the echoes of civilizations long past. It’s an experience that will leave you with a profound appreciation for the enduring spirit of those who have called this desert home for countless generations.

Places to visit in Egypt Begin in Siwa, one of Egypt’s most isolated regions near the Libyan border. Admire its palm groves, inland sea and laid back ambiance. Continue to Bahariya, visiting a desert well, catacombs and lush vegetation. End in the dramatic “White Desert” surrounding Farafra, where geologic formations dazzle. Overnight accommodations are cozy desert hotels or luxury campsites.

Trek sand dunes by camel or 4×4, swim in crystal springs and experience genuine Bedouin hospitality. Witness extreme natural beauty within Egypt’s vast sandy expanses rarely visited by outsiders. This tour delves into charming communities firmly rooted in desert traditions.

Key Inclusions:

  • Private 4×4 safari vehicle and driver/guide
  • Overnights in desert hotels/camps
  • Activities like dune buggy rides and hikes

6. Egypt in Depth: Cairo – Alexandria – Memphis

Experience an enlightening journey delving into Egypt’s intricate tapestry of heritage, culture, and faith with this educational tour. It offers unprecedented access to sites that hold profound historical and spiritual significance.

In Cairo, delve into the heart of the Citadel, then uncover the hidden gems of mosques, churches, and synagogues, representing the Abrahamic faiths. Places to visit in Egypt Continue the expedition to Alexandria, where the towering Pompey’s Pillar stands within the walls of a Roman amphitheater. Explore the catacombs, a sacred repository for Egypt’s earliest Christian communities.

Places to visit in Egypt Venture to Mokattam, also known as “Garbage City”, where a cooperative effort sustains thousands and witnesses a testament to human resilience. Conclude with a visit to a place of worship where thousands gather to pray, immersing yourself in the spiritual heartbeat of Egypt.

Places to visit in Egypt This tour offers a unique opportunity to gain profound insights into Egypt’s diverse religious heritage, providing a perspective that is seldom accessible. It’s an expedition that will leave you with a deepened understanding and appreciation for the rich mosaic of cultures that shape this ancient land.

7. Aswan High Dam and Red Sea Coast:

Embark on a journey to witness the extraordinary feat of human ingenuity at the Aswan High Dam. This modern marvel stands as a testament to our ability to tame the mighty Nile, shaping the landscape and harnessing its power for generations to come.

Places to visit in Egypt After this awe-inspiring encounter, venture towards the tranquil haven of the Red Sea coast. Here, nature paints a mesmerizing tableau of crystal-clear waters gently caressing the golden sands. It’s a place where time seems to stand still, inviting you to unwind and immerse yourself in a sanctuary of serenity.

Allow the rhythmic waves and gentle sea breeze to rejuvenate your spirit, offering a profound sense of peace. Whether you choose to lounge by the shore, explore underwater wonders, or simply soak in the breathtaking views, this coastal paradise promises an experience that lingers in your memory, long after you depart.


Places to visit in Egypt In the heart of Egypt, where history breathes and nature flourishes, lies a tapestry of wonders that captivate the soul. From the monumental pyramids of Giza to the intricate temples of Luxor, this land weaves tales of ancient grandeur. The Nile, a lifeline through the ages, whispers secrets of civilizations long past, while the Aswan High Dam stands as a beacon of modern engineering prowess.

In Cairo, the vibrant pulse of the Citadel resonates with the echoes of faiths intertwined. Mosques, churches, and synagogues stand side by side, a testament to the harmonious coexistence of Abrahamic traditions. This city is a living testament to the power of unity in diversity, where reverence for the sacred is woven into the very fabric of life.

Alexandria, with its ancient walls and Pompey’s Pillar, is a living testament to the confluence of cultures that have shaped Egypt’s history. The catacombs, a sacred sanctuary for early Christians, reveal the enduring spirit of faith that has weathered the sands of time.

Mokattam, or “Garbage City,” is a testament to the resilience and resourcefulness of the human spirit. Here, amidst the challenges of daily life, a cooperative effort sustains thousands, offering a glimmer of hope in the face of adversity. It’s a living example of how communities come together to create strength from struggle.

The Egyptian Museum, a sanctuary of treasures, houses artifacts that whisper tales of pharaohs and artisans, of dynasties risen and fallen. Each piece is a brushstroke on the canvas of Egypt’s rich history, a tangible link to the past that continues to shape the present.

The journey culminates at the Aswan High Dam, a modern wonder that commands the Nile’s mighty flow. It stands as a testament to our ability to shape the natural world, a symbol of our boundless potential to harness the forces of nature for the betterment of humanity.

The Red Sea coast, with its azure waters and golden sands, beckons with a promise of tranquility and rejuvenation. Here, time slows, and the rhythm of the waves lulls the soul into a state of blissful serenity. It is a place where the boundaries between earth and sea blur, inviting you to immerse yourself in a sanctuary of natural beauty.

As the sun gracefully dips below the horizon, bidding farewell to this extraordinary voyage, the quintessence of Egypt leaves an indelible mark on both heart and mind. It is a terrain where the echoes of antiquity resonate harmoniously with the pulse of modernity, and where time-honored traditions intermingle seamlessly with innovative strides.

Every footfall in this ancient land serves as a reverent bridge between bygone eras and the promise of what is yet to come—a living testament to the unwavering resolve of a nation that has withstood the trials of epochs. Through epochs of change and upheaval, Egypt’s tale is one etched in the annals of human history, a testament to its unyielding spirit.

In Egypt’s narrative, threads of resilience and unity are woven together, forming a tapestry that tells the story of a people united in their endurance and their determination to rise above challenges. This is a land where the past is not merely a relic, but a vibrant force that propels the nation forward, infusing every step with purpose and meaning.

The allure of Egypt is timeless, an enchantment that transcends the boundaries of time and space. It is a realm where wonders unfold in every corner, where the past coexists with the present, and where the promise of the future beckons with infinite possibilities. Egypt’s legacy is not confined to the pages of history books, but lives on in the hearts of those who have been touched by its enduring spirit.