LET’S EXPLORE Nubian village in Egypt

Nubian Villages in Aswan, Egypt
The Nubian Village - Nubian History - Nubian Region - Nubina Language
Nubian Villages in Aswan, Egypt
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Nubian village in Egypt is a city of attraction and beauty. The Nile and the kindness of its human beings. All folks fortunate enough to peer this fantastic metropolis have had the risk to go to a Nubian village. Enjoy the view of the Nile from the village. The Nubian village in Aswan is a lifestyle, traditions, meals, clothes, and lifestyle. The pleasant manner would be to take a motorboat from the small port will take to So heil Island. Much less than a 10-minute Felucca journey from Aswan Center.

What’s a Nubian Village Like?

  1. Upon arrival in the village, you’ll handled to very colourful homes
    2.constructed in step with Nubian architecture from dust bricks which can be a combination of clay
  2. water, hay, and sand. All of those substances are natural which make them less vulnerable to residence diseases
    4.less expensive, and the clay texture of the bricks is also less laid low with heat
  3. Over every residence, you’ll find a dome-formed ceiling designed to distribute the sun’s warmth similarly
  4. Moreover, the Nubian human beings love to beautify their houses using simple but pleasant colouring
  5. The Nubian lifestyle at the partitions in their houses, like boats, camels
  6. Nubian house you’ll locate not anything brief of Descent, friendly & welcoming individuals
  7. They may be the Nubian’s, famous for or their Turkish skin
  8. Their awesome Nubian Language, which particular & no longer to burdened with the Arabic language
    the ancient Egyptians referred to as their land “Ta-Seti,” because of this “land of the bow .
  9. What is unusual although is the awesome desire to house a puppy?
    The crocodile but do not fear as those pet crocodiles caged. Ancient Egyptian perception that the life of a crocodile will guard them & their family against the Evil eye. songs written in the Nubian language. Nubian humans recognized nicely for his or her pleasing songs and dances.


Notwithstanding the currency of Egypt is the Egyptian pound first thing to remember. The value of the Pound is comparatively fixed at a rate of zero.056 LE to one USD. different from provider expenses that have been covered in your bill go to the eating place. Make sure to tip the servers 10% further by using handing it to them without delay. The metro is one of the high-quality methods to go from one area to another within Cairo. Arabic is the respectable language, in fact, English is broadly used. Egyptian beans, and “Koshary”. a conventional Egyptian pasta dish. at least without reservation strive Kebab and Kofta, the Egyptian conventional meat dish. most compelling evidence we are the best. From time to time follow it.


The first thing to remember Visit the Pyramids, For the most part in the first place Giza. The Sphinx and the valley temple which all things considered king Chephren. As soon as visit temple, Hatshepsut temple. Valley of the Kings and Karnak temple in Luxor.
above all the most important are the wonders of historical records at the Egyptian museum. Although this may be true to discover the magic of Egyptian oases like Siwa or Bahariya. Another key point is dive or snorkeling in Sinai or cities situated at the Red Sea.
at the present time going on a Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan or vice versa. in the same way, save at Khan El Khalili touristic marketplace in Cairo
Most important see Philae and Abu Simbel temples in Aswan. With this purpose in mind visit for the most part important in mind Exploring Islamic Cairo walking

Come to where the weather is as warm as the hospitality!

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