Skydiving, Egypt over the pyramids

L, ETS EXPLORE Skydiving, Egypt over the pyramids sky.

Skydiving, Egypt over the pyramids

egypt over the pyramids discovered
Egypt over the pyramids discovered

Skydiving Egypt for this reason the first time I noticed a picture of the pyramids, I knew I needed to cross there at some point. Due to the fact I was in the faculty, I used to be addicted to Egypt. It changed into the simplest pocketbook, I actually put masses of effort into it. In reality, this isn’t always the primary time I’m travelling to Egypt. I’ve been here three instances before and now I go to Egypt over the pyramids. Apparently, Egypt turned into the primary USA I picked to tour to after quitting alcohol. The public doesn’t drink there, so it was a terrific idea in my thoughts. Skydiving is a profound lifestyle transforming experience. It is not just an experience to take once. It’s a sport of Skydiving in Egypt.

Egypt over the pyramids near

egypt over the pyramids journey
Egypt over the pyramids journey

Skydiving in Egypt is not falling, it’s flying, it’s far the most component that you will ever do. And take care, you become addicted. Experiencing the Pyramids of Giza like never before for an implausible view of the historical wonder. Skydiving Egypt authentic Masters of the epic Skydiving event “bounce Like Pharaoh” with Co-operation of Egyptian parachuting & Air sports activities federation are excited to share some brilliant information when you try skydiving, Egypt over the pyramids. Beyond the adrenaline, it’s a sublime experience, so one can exchange your existence all the time. Consider actual human flight. Consider total freedom.

parachuting in Egypte

Sandboarding fayoum
Egypt over the pyramids of the moon

While changed into the ultimate time, you probably did something for the primary time? In case your answer is “a long time in the past”, then you need to e-book now for skydiving over the pyramids, the most important event in 2022! Hurry up! Confined seats are available. Skydiving, Egypt – Over The Pyramids $750.00 Skydiving in Egypt is a lifetime to enjoy where the adrenaline meets history. Skydive within the Pyramids of Giza and revel in the precise skydive jump spot in the globe. KING OF EGYPT tours in cooperation with Skydive Egypt is proud to announce that Tandem Jumps are now to be had for all of us. Try skydiving over the pyramids.

Skydiving Egypt

Sandboarding fayoum
Egypt over the view of the pyramids

Description Skydiving in Egypt is a lifetime to revel in, where the adrenaline meets history. Skydive within the Pyramids of Giza and experience the particular skydive leap spot in the world. King of Egypt tours in cooperation with Skydive Egypt are proud to announce that Tandem Jumps are now to be had for anybody, try to experience skydiving over the pyramids. The Pyramids’ avenue is a website hosting the skydiving hobby for thrill-seekers from all over the globe. Skydiving Egypt provides the risk to unfastened fall with the Pyramids in view. Take a great journey and e-book your spot for a tandem skydive in Cairo, especially skydiving over the pyramids.

Skydivingfestival over Great Pyramids of Giza

over the pyramids july
over the pyramids July

Awesome view of the Egyptian Pyramids from. Inside the air and instructors certified from the US. maximum a hundred kg. Age: 21+. (much less than 21 with parents’ or prison mum or dad consent). No maximum age limit, in case you think you could do it, we will tag alongside. Tandem Skydiving teachers licensed from the United States. For the primary time, this specific journey is provided to adrenaline lovers from everywhere in the international. It’s miles of Motorized Paragliding that taking a place inside the exquisite Pyramids of Giza. Paragliding Egypt is a first-rate adventure that offers you a birds-eye view of the arena’s most famous and historic monument by Skydiving Egypt. . Tandem Paragliding in Egypt is best to be had in Giza and, Hurghada.

OUR DREAM to try skydiving, Egypt over the pyramids.

over the pyramids day
over the pyramids day

We assume skydiving is so lovely, so trans-formative and so lifestyles-giving, we need anyone to enjoy it and like. We might leap each day if we could. How are we able to? By means of establishing our very own drop region. We’re all experienced skydivers, suffering from Egypt’s lack of a drop area. We want to fill this gap. It takes an area, an aircraft, teachers for beginners, and equipment. But skydiving is likewise a way of existence. It fills our hearts and continues us healthful. We want to construct a network of skydivers, This Tandem experience could alternate the way you understand historical Egypt. When you make the selection and you hop on the Paramotor and consider your instructor and no way to forget Skydiving Egypt.


Prices are per person. USD$2700 Weather Dependent Ticket. USD$165 Whether Free Ticket. PRICE INCLUDES All equipment and gear. Qualified tandem master. FLIGHT SCHEDULE

The experience is 30 mins, including safety instructions & getting ready. Airtime is a max. of 15 mins. The exact flight time depends on weather conditions. PARAGLIDING PYRAMIDS CONDITIONS Maximum 110 kg. All heights are welcome. Minimum age: 12. In case of bad weather: Weather Free Tickets USD$165, will get a full refund. Weather Dependent Tickets will be rescheduled

Cancellation fees. The deposit is non-refundable.

USD$80 is non-refundable for cancellation 1 week before the activity date.

Photos & Videos services are available upon request. USD$35. Video delivery is min.

Please note that the weather can change quite quickly and depend on the weather forecast is not enough. Happy flying.

Paragliding protection Measurements in Egypt

over the pyramids used to look like
over the pyramids used to look like

Skydiving Egypt Paragliding in Egypt is one of the most exciting sports that you can revel in during your go-to Cairo. We have taken the highest standards in protection and protection measurements to guarantee the protection of our pilots and vacationers. Our important precautions consist of several steps to keep away from any unpredictable conditions.

Climate situations
even as Egypt has stunning sunny weather, we always take a look at the weather and weather situations earlier than flying in order to keep away from any risk. Temperature and wind are the foremost elements for Paragliding and in the case of unpredictable or high wind pace, the experience might be cancelled.

Pilot enjoy
The paragliding enjoy relies upon the pilot, and they must be certified and tremendously educated. Therefore, we have a group of global pilots who have long enjoyed in the area and proven the top protection measurements.

Come to where the weather is as warm as the hospitality!

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