Rock climbing in Egypt

LET’S EXPLORE Rock climbing in Egypt

rock climbing in egypt
rock climbing in Egypt

Our important rock climbing season in Dahab is October to April. you could climb on dry granite rock all winter long and enjoy the wintry weather sun. You’ll find recreation Rock climbing in Egypt and bouldering in Dahab, and trad climbing in St Catherine. discover ways to rock climb in Dahab! From October to April, you can do any of our strive Climbs and mountaineering publications. a few courses are for complete novices, others for novice climbers or indoor climbers who need to transport to outside climbing. attempt rock climbing in a lovely door setting. you could do half-day, complete-day or maybe overnight strive Climbs. overnight trips are an amazing manner to spend time with a group of pals, and you will all be surprised at what you can climb!

Come rock climbing in Dahab and the Sinai desert of Egypt!

Come rock climbing in Dahab and the Sinai desert of Egypt!
Come rock climbing in Dahab and the Sinai desert of Egypt!

on the top of Wadi Qnai, you will find a nearly endless bouldering area. A brisk 45-min stroll from top to backside will take you past nine sectors with +for a hundred troubles of each grade and range. Boulders love Dahab. Rock climbing in Egypt BIR Wadi Qnai is only a 30-min power from crucial Dahab, and you could spend a month in the wadi and not climb all there is to climb. The bouldering is so remarkable, there’s even a devoted Dahab bouldering guide.

6 Amazing Places to Go Rock Climbing in Egypt

6 Amazing Places to Go Rock Climbing in Egypt
6 Amazing Places to Go Rock Climbing in Egypt


Smooth power from Cairo, Rock ‘n’ Rope operates from IL Monte Galla in Ain Sokhna. Co-founded by way of well-known adventurers Omar Samra and Nora Kafafi, Rock ‘n’ Rope offers outstanding mountaineering websites alongside all the help and assistance required.

2. El Gouna

if you feel stimulated and inspired by means of Gouna Mountain Goats’ extraordinary photographs on Instagram, provide them with a buzz to learn more approximately how and when you can hyperlink up. incredible as the one’s pix can be, not anything beats taking a few yourself while you explore the valleys and mountains with the assist of experienced local Bedouin guides.

3. Dahab

In Sinai, The mountains that form a beautiful backdrop to the seashore hub of Dahab had been a natural draw for trekkers and travellers for years. Their enchantment is everlasting, and have to be taken into consideration a ‘need to see’ for any vacationer to the vicinity. trips and treks for all degrees of fitness and information are arranged by numerous nicely-organized corporations and courses.

4. Mokattam

in Cairo Who would have dreamt that challenging climbs are within such smooth attain of home? Mario excessive Ropes group offers to go for walks, climbing, and some of different high adrenalin activities near Saint Samaan the Tanner Monastery (Deir Sama’an Al-Kharaz). Open day by day besides Sundays.

5. St. Catherine

Deep inside the coronary heart of Sinai’s majestic mountains, there are some tremendous peaks and rock faces to mission adventurers. The less complicated climb up the paths of St. Catherine to seize the dawn is well-trodden, but adrenalin junkies have to additionally take a look at the more disturbing options.

6. Cairo

AT last, you don’t have to go far for this one. no longer as natural as the other places however similarly fun, Ascent is an indoor mountaineering facility in Sheikh Zayed. snatch your pals and head over there and meet their tremendous crew. although it is tough to overcome the sheer thrill of getting out of the city and exploring the notable exterior, you could nevertheless learn the abilities and get in some exercise internal Cairo.

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