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Egypt’s reefs are teeming with existence; super corals and clouds of fish dazzle with a kaleidoscope of colour. With Diving in Egypt splendidly calm and clean situations, Egyptian reefs provide high-quality situations for cutting-edge divers, marine existence enthusiasts, smash divers or absolutely everyone clearly interested in exploring light-crammed reef systems. Due to the top-notch visibility and the easy get right of entry to extra depths, it’s an appealing location for technical diving and training. Egypt gives the general gambit of diving opportunities; wrecks, walls, drifts, pinnacles, shore dives, day boats and liveaboards. Many of the diving locations provide get right of entry to well-known Egyptian ancient websites, however, it’s furthermore easy to set up a holiday cut up over a couple of vicinities so that you can revel in a few dive websitesDiving in Egypt and a few ways of life too.

Best places for scuba diving in Egypt Diving in Egypt

scuba diving
scuba diving

scuba diving in the Red Sea

scuba diving in the red sea
scuba diving in the Red Sea

scuba diving in Hurghada

1 Day – 2 Dives1 individual: €65
2 guys and women: €100 twenty

€10 in line with day in line with the person
find out scuba Diving in Egypt for the primary time in your existence! you may learn how to use the scuba tool and you could get a brief and clean understandable creation of what it takes to find out the underwater world. The teacher will deliver a briefing earlier than each dive. Sooner or later on board collectively with dives with dive teacher. every dive is 20 to 30 minutes. The most intensity is 12 meters. the minimum age is 10 years. Time for lunch in among the dives included meals and liquids on the boardwalk, coffee, Tea, Water & gentle liquidise tool includedDive trainer covered. Accommodations in Makadi Bay, Soma Bay, Sahl Hasheesh and El Gouna, transfer from /To resort is for a surcharge of €10-15 in line with day steady with the car (as lots as 4 people)rate.

Wreck Diving

Wreck Diving
Wreck Diving


El Mina, Excalibur or Belina 1 Day

1 Dives period: 08:00 – sixteen:00 fee: €35 someday to board together with one damage dive and one each day dive with a dive guide. covered SS Thistledown 1 Day – 2 Dives period: 05:00 – 17:00 price: one hundred eighty sooner or later on board such as two dives with a diving manual at the Thistledown damage. Breakfast within the early morning and time for lunch in between the dives. fee Abu Nu has 1 Day

2 Dives length: 05:00 – 17:00 fee: €180 someday on board which include two dives in the four wrecks in Abu Nuhas, underneath the steering of a diving manual. Breakfast in the early morning and time for lunch in among the dives. Dive gadget rental: €20 in line with day switch: For resorts internal Hurghada, switch from/to in is free of rate For motels in Makadi Bay, Soma Bay, Sahl Hasheesh and El Gouna, transfer from /To lodge is for a surcharge of €10-15 in step with day in keeping with vehicle (up to 4 individuals) Marine Park expenses (Paid on board in coins) €10 in keeping with day per man or woman

Night Divinghttps://kingofegypttours.com/nile-cruise/

Night Diving
Night Diving


1-night dive from the shore length: One hour earlier than sunset, return 3 hours after sundown. find out the marine existence within the darkish. For some marine life the night is a time to rest and for the others a time to awaken. Spanish Dancers can give a terrific effect throughout the nighttime. A nighttime drive is something you should have completed as soon as for your existence. blanketed food and liquids No lunch nor liquids to be had Dive guide included switch: For motels inside Hurghada, transfer from/to lodge is freed from charge For resorts in Makadi Bay, Soma Bay, Sahl Hasheesh and El Gouna, switch from /To resort is for a surcharge of €10-15 consistent with day in line with vehicle (up to 4 humans) rate 1-night time Dive: € fifty-five Dive gadgets rental €20 according to day Torch condo €5 Marine Park expenses (Paid on board in coins) €10 according to day per man or woman




1 Day – 2 x snorkelling period: 08:00 – 16:00 interested to observe the lovely marine from the floor? Diving in Egypt snorkelling is the right preference for you! in the future on board together with instances of snorkelling. Time for lunch in between the 2 times. blanketed food and liquids onboard Lunch, coffee, Tea, Water & Soft drinks switch: search for your resort For accommodations internal Hurghada, switch from/to motel is free of rate For resorts in Makadi Bay, Soma Bay, Sahl Hasheesh and El Gouna, switch from /To resort is for a surcharge of €10-15 in line with day per car (as much as 4 people) Snorkel system covered charge 1 Day: €25 Marine Park fees (paid on board in cash) €10 according to today consistent with man or woman in Diving in Egypt.

scuba diving in Sharm el sheikh

scuba diving in sharm el sheikh
scuba diving in Sharm el sheikh

we will have you drifting alongside seamounts within the Straits of Tirana, exploring Diving in Egypt the beautiful coral gardens and partitions of our nearby websites to striking out over plateaus full of awesome coral pinnacles and dramatic drop-offs in the Ras Mohammed countrywide Park. We also run nighttime dives from the shore, a special day journey to Dahab and boat journeys to the wrecks of the Dun raven, A Million hope and the notorious SS Thistledown. Our publications will take you through all the alternatives at the start of your holiday to make certain which you make the maximum out of the trips we’ve got jogging in the course of some time with us.

scuba diving equipment

scuba diving equipment
scuba diving equipment

On your first day, you’ll typically make your first dive by means of a shore or boat at a local site along the coast. nearby websites are sheltered from waves and modern-day and offer an easy and relaxing start to your diving excursion. Our teachers will advise you on other journeys. take a look at the dive and Refresher route To ensure that your dives with us are safe and fun, if you have not dived inside the closing twelve months we can ask you to make a check dive. this can be the primary driver of your diving package deal. before the dive, your teacher assists you in assembling your gadget and briefs you approximately the skills that you will practice. You spend the primary little while of the dive working towards basic scuba capabilities along with your instructor, before persevering with on a guided underwater excursion with Diving in Egypt.

cost of diving in Egypt




Prices include Guide, Tanks and Weights

Half-day of diving$34
1 Day of diving (2 dives)$62
3 Days of diving (6 dives)$163
4 Days of diving (8 dives)$212
5 Days of diving (10 dives)$248
6 Days of diving (12 dives)$293
10 Days of diving (20 dives)$478
Early morning dive supplement$7
Third dive in 1 day$27
Night Dive$49
Refresher/Check dive$49


Prices include Instructor tuition and Equipment

Introduction – 1 dive$62
Introduction – 2 dives (same day)$112
Padi Discover Scuba Diving$118
Padi Bubble Maker (Children 8yrs+)$79


Includes Breakfast, Lunch, Water, Soft drinks and 2 dives

Gabr El Bint$135
Gabr El Bint – ExclusiveTBC
Ras Abu Galium$153


Includes Transfers, Boat, Lunch, Soft drinks and 2 dives

Ras Mohammad.$192
Straights of Tiran$192


Snorkel equipment rental per day$20
Short distance snorkel trip (incl. equipment & Transport)$25
Long-distance snorkel trip (incl. equipment & Transport)$30
Boat trips (local) incl. breakfast, lunch, soft drinks & equipment$90


Prices include Instructor tuition and equipment – Padi Manual and Certification costs are extra

PADI Scuba Diver$265
PADI Open Water E-learning$316
PADI Open Water Diver$355
PADI Open Water Referral$259


Prices include Instructor tuition and equipment unless stated otherwise – Padi Manual and Certification costs are extra

PADI Scuba Review (excl equipment – 2 dives-same days)$90
PADI Adventure Diver$192
PADI Advanced Open Water Diver$282
PADI Rescue Diver$383
PADI Rescue Diver (Excl. equipment)$327
EFR Course (Emergency First Responder – non-diving course)$129


Prices include instructor tuitionequipment and Padi Certification costs

Deep Diver4 Dives$276
Deep Diver3 Dives$220
Night Diver3 Dives$220
Drift Diver2 Dives$135
Navigation Diver3 Dives$220
Peak Performance Buoyancy2 Dives$135
Boat Diver*2 Dives$135
Enriched Air Diver (Manual not included)2 Dives$198
Enriched Air DiverNo Dives$101

* Boat-based speciality can only be done on boat trips from Sharm El Sheik, supplements will apply.


PADI DIVEMASTER (Excl: Equipments & Padi application feesOn application


Prices are per day

Mask & Snorkel$5
Complete Scuba Set$34
Surface Marker Buoy (SMB)$4
Enriched Air (Nitrox) Tank$11

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