Desert Safari

Deserts makeup about 20% of the earth’s surface area and are known for their unforgiving conditions and intense, dry heat. Egyptian deserts are often a place to indulge in unique adventurous activities that cannot be undertaken elsewhere. Various Egyptian tour companies offer short desert trips that can range from a few hours to overnight or a week or more, depending upon the preferences of the tourists. A desert safari is an amazing way to explore the mysterious landscape of Egypt while getting a chance to understand how locals here survive all year.
Egypt, the land of the deserts, can offer you the best desert safari experience ever. While getting a chance to know about the Bedouin culture, you can also enjoy camping under the star-studded, clear sky away from the city haze. You’ll also often get to enjoy a scrumptious traditional meal and will always be attended by a trained and experienced tour guide who knows the desert and makes sure you have a stellar experience.
Other activities include sand boarding and dune bashing. Sand boarding involves climbing a sand dune and then sliding down on the board, either standing or sitting. Dune bashing is when you are in a 4×4 vehicle that climbs dunes, drives through crests, and also goes to the other side of the dune. It’s an adrenaline-pumping adventure of a lifetime.

Another activity you can enjoy is a trip to the oasis-like Bahariya Oasis and taking a dip in the mineral water can be really refreshing. A trip to Bahariya Oasis, located 360 km from Cairo, is a wonderful way to see the desert. It’s said that in ancient times, Bahariya was on the floor of an immense ocean, which has now dried up.
Siwa Oasis in Egypt can also offer a fascinating experience as well as a chance to know about the culture and tradition of Siwan people. A camel ride, walk through the desert, shopping for local traditional items, a dip in the refreshing springs, traditional Siwan foods, and a unique cultural experience are even more perks of this location. A combined trip into the desert consisting of visiting Siwa, Bahariya and Farafra oasis in Egypt is another amazing option.
When you’re in Egypt, don’t miss this chance of a lifetime to enjoy a safari desert adventure!

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